About us

With over 50 years of experience in providing premium and high-end ticketing solutions to world-renowned public events, you can be guaranteed the best in class service and unparalleled design capability when partnering with JULIA.

Since 1967, JULIA has been an innovation leader in product identification and security printing. Nowadays, the key provider of smart solutions for the Internet of Things (IOT), JULIA incorporates RFID technology into a wide variety of printed documents and serves over 40 countries worldwide. If you attended the 2018 World Cup, then JULIA was the provider to you and millions of other tickets in the months leading up to such an auspicious and anticipated event.

From product development to production—JULIA creates all products in their very own plants; ensuring full control in the production cycle and guaranteeing you the highest quality in graphic and RFID technological excellence. Not to forget, JULIA ensures ECO-friendly production systems and the quickest delivery possible.

From the heart of JULIA, we make the world smarter & more convenient.