Retail and Brand engagement

Contactless technology fits particularly well with new client-oriented advertising strategies, which can greatly benefit from the potential of NFC technology.

Furthermore, in combination with the RAIN RFID, data gathering and track and trace of your items throughout an entire supply chain, as well as seamless inventory management, becomes an easy task. JULIAS solution for the retail space combines the benefit of both technologies incorporated into the best in class paper beautified by graphical excellence.

JULIA’S contactless hangtag, well fitted to high value consumer goods, enables dynamic campaigns, sharing of content in real time, smooth return handling, and much more… Thanks to the JULIA CONNECT platform you conceive and send tailor-made, always up-to-date messages, divided according to the target or even in one-to-one stream, covering entire customer base.

As a result, you experience improved efficiency in your supply chain, reduced loss of the missed opportunity thanks to the clear knowledge of items at your store, maximized customers satisfaction obtaining a closer relationship with your brand, and much more. 

JULIA’S contactless hangtag in combination with JULIA CONNECT = your unparalleled competitive advantage.