In a world where people both need and expect quick and convenient payment methods for everything from groceries to shopping on a mobile, it’s no surprise that cashless solutions have become a necessity for any application vertical.

Cashless solution from Julia provides clear security benefits, safety increase and substantial fraud and costs reduction. At the same time, it adds unmatched capabilities for the flexible and reliable payment act, initiated by every individual consumer, carrying the contactless printed media. 

Last but not least, it increases operational speed needed to drive efficiency in service consumption, provides 100% visibility of all the payment flows & patterns and drives revenue by eliminating the endless waiting times, providing better overall customer experience, as well as elimination the psychological block of having to hand over cash or credit card.

How does it work?

Julia Cashless platform consist of 2 interfaces. Interface dedicated to the end user and the one, for the application owner. 

Simple, user-friendly application enables end users to upload money into the printed media, any time and at any location, easily, via smartphone. Act of the payment itself becomes much faster as end users do not need to search for money or credit cards. This results in much shorter waiting times and faster fulfilment of their needs. Additionally, every individual end user can clearly see all treated transactions and actual balance of the printed media. Events, which taken an advantage of the cashless hype, have shown that attendees buy up to 20% more at bars and other vendors according existing analysis.

However, replacing paper money and credit cards with RFID printed media and Julia cashless solution brings much more than that. On the organizer side, the event becomes entirely digital and automatic. Organizer operates Julia cash management platform, collecting analytics of the individual end user behavior as well as other actionable data insights. These information allows organizer to optimize every aspect of the application and make the right decisions at any time. Thanks to Julia Cashless platform, every transaction and ticket validation is tracked, providing better visibility of existing capacity, inventory and other important parameters. This unlocks additional opportunities, both during the activity or later, via established digital communication channel and context based marketing campaign.

This flexible solution, combines a physical printed media (RFID ticket or wristband), digital cash management platform and a dedicated user-friendly mobile App. Solution is available in various preprogrammed designs or even white labeled, fitting any look and feel, adapting to the needs of individual application. By that, Julia platform allows to respond in a targeted way to the needs of each application, market segment or simply to mirror the uniqueness of each individual customer.

Cashless solution from Julia, easily incorporates loyalty and reward schemes, any group or special category purchase incentives or other unique customer requirements.