Museum, culture and publishing

Arti Grafiche Julia offers a great variety of printed media (cards, tickets in rolls/singles, stickers, booklets, fanfold, etc.), ensuring a full range of solutions fulfilling the specific needs of diverse applications:

  • printed media with the most advanced security features, fulfilling the needs of the security sensitive applications, ensuring full protection of the personal data or payment details.
  • printed media suited for mid security sensitive applications such as time limited access to the protected areas and limited use transportation tickets.
  • printed media suited for less security sensitive applications such as customer engagement programs, targeting information sharing and gathering, tracking of the devices.

AGJ also provides integrated solutions to digitize publishing without giving up the pleasure of printed books. Our system based on contactless technology makes it possible to listen to every book from a mobile device, at any time and in complete safety.

A secure, simple, unique editorial solution that offers customers a new sharing tool and enormous possibilities for marketing and data analysis in the publishing world.