Arti Grafiche Julia went always the extra mile to fulfil its customer’s needs, applying the highest quality, design and security standards to a large variety of tailor-made solutions. Keeping and honouring the tradition in addition to leveraging on a strong background, JULIA PRINTING represents the traditional printing business without NFC or RFID involvement.

Winner of 2018 “Oscar della Stampa” (Italian Technology Innovation Award in printing industry), Arti Grafiche Julia utilizes the most advanced technologies to better respond to nowadays business challenges in printing, micropayment, RFID, NFC, and beyond.

Arti Grafiche Julia, as a member of the selected Gruppo Stampatori Italiani di Carte Valori, is qualified to produce high quality bank check, deposit certificates and all products requiring excellent security know-how.

This essential expertise empowers AGJ to be trusted strategic partner for market requiring  highest security printing levels, cooperating and serving leading traders of values, vouchers and lotteries.

Materials in use

  • FCS paper
    (to grand minimum waste and maximum respect of the environment)
  • Heavy duty/laminated paper
    (to increase resistance to humidity, water and adverse environmental conditions
  • Thermal film
    Special thermal coated thin plastic, completely waterproof, to be used in thermal printers

Graphical security solutions

  • Holographic foil
  • Embossing
  • Barcode
  • Numbering
  • Colorless fluorescent
  • fibers
  • Invisible special ink
  • Microtext
  • Taggant paper
  • Round corner
  • Untearable paper
  • Watermarked paper
  • Iris print

Most frequently requested media types

  • Thermal paper with laminated coverage
    (possible to issue via POS)
  • Thermal wristbands, waterproof and non-tearable material
    (possible to issue via POS)
  • Waterproof paper, thermal  and non-tearable
    (to withstand humidity and water)