Arti Grafiche Julia conceived and created a unique digital system to manage and control each smart ticket on an individual basis, creating an absolutely innovative and personalized communication channel with final users.

With JULIA CONNECT, each you can manage the digital contents encoded in your own physical items through the use of an intuitive web platform, delivering to the audience targeted messages and obtaining statistical data in real time.

From institutional announcements to commercial promotions, this platform allows you to deliver tailored contents to your entire audience as well as to the individual users, leaving you and your sponsors a more spacious and more incisive channel of communication.

The strength of this tool is its ability to build a direct bridge between knowledge and management, increasing customer awareness through detailed statistical data collected by the platform and allowing it to adapt its strategy at every moment of the process.

This solution can be easily integrated to any sales platform already in use, also offering each viewer the opportunity to personalize his own ticket and even activate a spectacular gift option to upload a personal dedication on it.