Hospitality and hotel solutions

Hotel key cards are getting smarter every day, thanks to the integration of NFC/RFID technology. They enable comfortable access to the facility areas, increase security and convenience.

Julia offering for the hospitality industry redefines RFID Key Card as you know it today. Supporting great environmental initiatives of hotel brands, Julia delivers convenient contactless access to the room, securely, through 100% PET FREE RFID KEY CARDS.

However, this is only where the offering for the hospitality industry starts.

JULIA RFID key cards, in combination with JULIA CONNECT platform, enable a revolutionary way of interaction between card and guests.

They boost the guest by facilitating a fast wifi connection or direct communication with context-based experiences and personalized interactions.

Furthermore, 100% PET FREE CARD is NOT only an ECO FRIENDLY alternative. JULIA ECO RFID key card represents freedom to deliver a unique visual illustration of hotel brand to the hotel guest: the key becomes a showcase of hotel values further enhancing existing communication process.