Sport, leasure and entertainment

Tailor made for the leisure, sport and entertainment industries, the solution from Julia marries high level of security and efficiency with the innovative possibility to build a personal relationship with each single customer.

Our solution significantly enhances:

  • Control over the event
  • Customer experience
  • Existing and new revenue streams
  • Audience engagement and loyalty
  • Security and site/ venue safety
  • Transparency over financial transactions
  • Operational efficiency

Julia’s solution offering combines hardware printed media with complementing cloud-based services. It leverages full potential of integrated technologies as RAIN RFID, NFC or QR code. Listed items are commercially available as package or as standalone products:

  • Wide range of printed media (tickets, cards, bracelets, etc.)
    with integrated RAIN RFID and/or NFC technology as variety of printed security features. Discover your options
  • Ticket customization and fulfillment service
  • Customizable and easily integrable web platform
    for management of digital content of your printed media, cashless payment process integration and counterfeit protection. Discover more