Arti Grafiche Julia as the key player in the Internet of things provides identification of objects and people caring tickets or other hardware solutions from Julia.

As the innovation leader in the identification ticketing space, JULIA provides smart solutions for the Internet of Things (IOT)
enabling secure authentication and convenient interaction between smart objects and people.

Basic Pillars
of Our Offering

Continuous technological

Design & quality

Flexibility & agile
lead time


Member of the selected Gruppo Stampatori Italiani di Carte Valori, JULIA is qualified to produce products with the highest security printing requirements, cooperating and serving leading traders of values.


Worried about plastic waste and environmental issues? We are. That’s why we conceived a greener RFID solution for printed products.


JULIA explores the full potential of RFID technology throughout various application verticals, offering wide range of final RFID products with HF, NFC, UHF (RAIN) as well as dual frequency capabilities.


Online solution for verification of the product authenticity, enabling detection of cloned, manipulated or misused RFID devices.


Powerful consumer interaction platform. The key instrument to handle the digital content of a physical NFC product, building the bridge between offline and online experience empowering the omnichannel. 


When payments are faster, the gaining is global: save time and increase revenues through contactless payments.


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JULIA provides its customers with the most advanced smart solutions, developed within company-owned plants, ensuring premier quality, graphical and technological excellence.